Närvaro speglar insidan.

Jag fotograferar för att uttrycka närvaro.
När du är närvarande, framträder det vackraste som finns.

Varje människa är vacker, då hon är närvarande.

Jonatan Edlund, fotograf


The vocalist
Sini, the artist, has the voice of heaven. She finds new expressions to reach it every day.

I call her brave. Because she is more than she thinks.

Pine forest
L and I met in a forest, expecting light and concentration. This is what we’ve got.

Beauty. Do I need to say more?

Slöjan / The veil / Huntu
The thin border between outside and inside with J.

Byxor / Trousers / Housut
I have got new trousers! And I love them. There is nothing more than this.

Lines of the body
Like the countryside, where I grow up, there are big sweeping lines of the pregnant body. Angelica gave later birth to a beautiful girl.

With and without
The true face of a person can only be decided by … whom? With and without make up.

Curious one
She finds her own direction and doesn’t care about what others think. The curious one is independent and natural.

Danish friend
There is just a short walk from joy to depth in the Danish woman’s life. It is a joy to spend time with her.

Seriousness and sadness
Life is like a coin, at least two sides of everything. Photos of serious and sad moments.

Utsikter / Views / Näköala
Jag står på samma nivå som det jag betraktar. Det blir liksom jämställt då.

Skägg / Beard / Parta
During the summer the beard had grown a lot. I love black and white.

In concert / På konsert
Being in concert is about exploring feelings in the room.

Stadsparken i Edinburgh
Peter asked me for a pound, but I offered him my attention for ten minutes.

Tukholman taloja / Houses of Stockholm
My birth town, with which I belong. I want to leave it as soon as possible, when I arrive.

This is a resting place, a place for friendship.

These plants make the world greener and more breatheable. We should praise them more often.


The dress
The dress made my day.

The naked skin is full of patterns and life, but so secret. Have a hike on the surface till you understand the inside.

Red hair
Many times I return to the strength and contrast of those photos and this woman’s life.

Something special enters the room, when we are two.

Face of energy and soul of restlessness.